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We Are American Robin

Established in Atlanta in 2021, American Robin is a logistics service provider dedicated to assisting and supporting its clients throughout their supply chain lifecycle. Established on the principle that no client should be treated the same – American Robin works with clients to understand the details of their business because understanding the business is the key to improving it. By tailoring their approach to the specific needs of each client, American Robin creates a bespoke service that truly makes them feel like they are part of the flock. 

Our Values


American Robin focuses and prides itself on the quality of our team and services. We strive for nothing short of the highest degree of excellence.


Integrity is the core foundation on which American Robin builds it’s nest. By stressing honest communication and prioritizing strong moral and ethical principals and values, American Robin strives to always do the right thing for their customers without compromise. 


From the moment we bring a client or team member into the flock, dependability is critical for American Robin. Employing trust and demonstrating reliability are vital for shared success.

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